Aka today.
  1. Up early to spend some time drinking coffee and watching Gilmore Girls while I get ready
    If you're not watching Gilmore Girls during October you are Octobering incorrectly
  2. 9am church
    At a multiethnic church where the pastor addresses injustice and how Jesus stood up for the poor and the marginalized in society and that's what the Church should be focused on today
  3. Brunch and great conversation with friends
    Double mimosas are why we went to the early service, after all
  4. Home to sweatpants by 12:30
  5. Switching between watching football and reading outside in a hammock with coffee
    Fall 🍂
  6. Making chili for dinner to prep for...
  7. A kickass smart lady shaking off her man-made scars and putting an awful misogynist in his place via debate