1. First anniversary with @gerryadair
    We opted for a staycation in Memphis. Got a day drink on Beale on a truly lovely February day, took a musical tour of the city with Backbeat Tours (highly recommend), had a delicious dinner at Flight. This guy is great and I want a million more anniversaries with him.
  2. Snow days ❄️
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    YALL I LOVE A SNOW DAY. BRING THEM ON EL NIÑO (but be nice and don't cause megastorms that hurt people ok?)
  3. Another St. Jude Country Music Marathon trip to Nashville
    To work, not run. I've been working this event every year since St. Jude became involved and it's so much fun to see the support grow each time I come back.
  4. Memphis in May
    Great friends came for this and I love my city and I loved the Avett Brothers especially, but this introverted gal can't handle a full day of loud and crowds. Think I ended up almost in tears begging Gerry to get me an Uber home (wasn't even drinking). Noted for the future. 😬
  5. Grizz playoffs
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    We went to basically the worst game of the series but I love how my Memphis Grizzlies are in the playoff mix every year. They are such a huge part of what makes this city great.
  6. Family beach vacay
    Went with my parents, grandma, brother, and brother's girlfriend to Florida for a week. Stayed in a boss condo one of my mom's patients let her use for free because she's the sweetest nurse ever. Read a ton of books. This was the most relaxing week and I'm so glad I like my family.
  7. Threw a bridal shower for Gerry's cousin's bride-to-be
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    Look at my fun mantle, it's the only time Pinterest worked out for me
  8. Had the whole family (both sides) over for the 4th of July
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    First big gathering we've hosted. Again, so very blessed to have families we both enjoy so much and who enjoy each other.
  9. Went to see Rocky Horror for the first time with coworkers
    This was so much fun I wanted to cry. (Also the next day I really really wanted to cry/throw up. But you only live once.)
  11. Gerry took me to Oxford for my birthday, then we drove to Birmingham to see Brandi Carlile. BEST SHOW OF MY LIFE
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  12. The great work debate
    I was offered a position on another team at my company. It would have been a different career path, and I debated for what may have been months. I actually had accepted the offer when my current team counteroffered. I'm so, so blessed to have options when I know there are people just trying to find one job, but this was a rough time of instability and I felt torn between 2 groups of people I really liked. In the end, I'm glad I stayed because my current team is AMAZING.
  13. My 5th year working at the St. Jude Memphis Marathon Weekend
    I was sick and the hours were BRUTAL and afterwards I slept for days, but this is my favorite event in existence. Over $8 million raised for the kids of St. Jude in one event! We also added an Avett Brothers post-race concert this year and I got to sneak in and sit up front for a bit, which was a blast.
  14. Nothing huge this year really
    But as I've reflected, I've realized that the routine, the little moments, coming home every day to a husband who adores me and treats me with such kindness, spending time with our 3 dogs, our sweet families, our lifelong friends, doing fun things in our city, being part of our church, working at a career that lets me use my strengths for a beautiful cause...what could be better?