Inspired by @samanthastone
  1. Our big green double chair with my husband
  2. My parents' living room with my dad. He's reading a book and listening to the MusicChoice Smooth Jazz station
    Being around my dad is very calming and just a little intimidating because he's usually reading like 6 books about philosophy, theology, math, or economics and he's a genius
  3. At the mall with my mom
    She still takes me but now it's like going shopping with my best girlfriend (and also sometimes she'll buy me shoes and I feel very cared for)
  4. Christmas Eve with my brother @schaeffer
    My mom has always made our family Christmas Eve celebration magical and I'm thankful my brother has never been too cool for it. We both get out of our minds excited, even in our 20s
  5. Vaught-Hemingway stadium
    Represents some of the best times of my life
  6. My front yard in my hammock chair reading a book on a nice day
  7. At work
    I have the best job ever
  8. The church I've attended since I was 7
  9. My great-grandparents' house in Missouri
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    At the end of a gravel road in the country with a pond in the backyard
  10. Memphis