Inspired by @iammeghanmurray
  1. I couldn't focus on work
    I love my job and we're incredibly busy right now and normally I can lose myself in it. Today I only made it through a couple of unfocused hours at the office. Made sure my direct reports knew they were also welcome to take some mental health time. America needs a day off
  2. I've been watching Gilmore Girls all day long
    TV is my escape when life is just too much and smart independent ladies seemed like the thing today
  3. I had cake for breakfast
    Why not right?
  4. I accidentally used my favorite "best day ever" mug that I ALWAYS save for special occasions or really fantastic Saturdays
    Clearly I was in shock this morning because I saw it on the counter later, mocking me
  5. I feel like someone is sitting on my chest
    You guys feel that, right?
  6. I'm being really clingy with one of my dogs
    I have 3 but one is especially comforting. He's my little buddy today
  7. Social media is GONE for a hot minute
    Except for you guys
  8. My face is leaking
    I've cried in earnest but also I'll just randomly feel tears rolling down my face without realizing I'm crying. I'm sad for so many reasons, mostly because I know there are people that genuinely feel fear right now. And because of what should have been. And because I dared to expect better. But thinking of how Hillary must be feeling right now keeps bringing the tears. She inspired me and she didn't deserve this.
  9. Here's a lock screen idea if anyone wants one