Inspired by the charming photo of her out walking her dogs and wearing leggings in some foliage which I needed today
  1. Joins!
    Girl, we would have your back here.
  2. Gets drunk and dances it out a la Grey's Anatomy
  3. Takes basically a day long bubble bath and Bill just comes in hourly to bring her more wine and cheese and cookies he baked for her
  4. Enjoys her grandchildren
    Gets to spend time with little Aidan. Inspires the hell out of Charlotte
  5. Cuddles with her dogs and binges Netflix
    The most comforting thing
  6. Knows that her grief isn't hers alone to bear
    Your sisters share it
  7. Dusts this off, remembers she's made of steel
  8. Realizes that this is unfair and awful but that she *has* inspired the first woman president
    Somewhere out there, she vowed on 11/9/16 she'd right this wrong one day. I believe this