1. Someone To Watch Over Me - Rickie Lee Jones
    🎥 Ricky Lee Jones - Someone to watch over me.avi - YouTube https://youtu.be/YeCLnbl7SlE
  2. Gboard keyboard for iPhone
    This has seriously made my phone life so much easier. I deleted the standard English iPhone keyboard because who needs it?
  3. Church of Marvels - Leslie Parry
    So mysterious and twisty and shocking.
  4. This gif.
    Has anyone ever been whiter than Sam Seaborn in this moment?
  5. Tallulah on Netflix
    Just a nice little movie about brokenness and motherhood and family and forgiveness and how Allison Janney can do no wrong.
  6. Being in Memphis
    I've been gone for part of the last 2 weeks...ready to stay put, just in time for Elvis week.