Def more things happened this week that I was NOT into but here are some positives
    I tend to get so busy with work that I check out of here from time to time but this community gives me so much hope and was exactly what I needed this week. So thank you all 💙
  2. A Facebook hiatus
    Sorry, Zuck.
  3. My company
    I celebrated my 5 year anniversary at work with a lunch with the CEO and our senior leadership this week. The CEO spoke to us about the importance of inclusion and diversity in our environment and workforce and I am so thankful to be somewhere that not only values that, but also has so many female and minority leaders. Pictured: me with awesome CEO at lunch.
  4. My husband
    Who has let me wallow, wallowed with me, and kept me fed.
  5. The ACLU being all
  6. Confessions of a Serial Entertainer - Steven Stolman
    This cookbook was a DELIGHT to read.
  7. Shea Patterson
    Ole Miss's freshman quarterback that got his first start last night and beat the #8 team on the road! You guyssss he's so cute and amazing.
  8. Jen Hatmaker
    I've crept onto her public posts a couple of times thus breaking my Facebook hiatus I suppose, but this was worth it.
  9. Static
    And if you guys haven't heard about what's been going on with her...look into it. She's one of those Evangelicals giving me hope.
  10. Van Jones
    Van Jones 2020? Anyone?
  11. Kate McKinnon singing Hallelujah
    No words.