Things I'm Into This Week

Inspired by @bjnovak
  1. Book I Finished: Shrill - Lindy West
    ❤️😭😍😂🤓🍕👍🏻👍🏻 Hilarious. And all the feels. Thank you Lindy, I needed your words
  2. Book I'm Starting: The New Jim Crow - Michelle Alexander
    Seemed like the right time to pick this one up and educate myself.
  3. TV: Mr. Robot
    Also background-watching old episodes of Pretty Little Liars because I'm an adult
  4. Article: The Problem with Saying "All Lives Matter" - Relevant Magazine
  5. Movie: Fundamentals of Caring
    Paul Rudd is so crinkly-eyed and charming, as usual
  6. Food: These salad topping packets from Fresh Market
    Easy meal
  7. Restaurant 1: Seasons 52
    Super into seasonal eats right now
  8. Restaurant 2: $10 lunch at Second Line
    $10 New Orleans-inspired lunch from the best chef in Memphis? Yes please.
  9. Music: In a music rut so I've been listening to Comedy Top Tracks on Spotify. ❤️ you Aziz
  10. Podcast: Orange Is the New Cast by Bald Move
    Huge, huge fan of all the Bald Move podcasts but I always especially enjoy this one where they bring on female cohosts to discuss Orange Is the New Black