Inspired by @noraesabia
  1. Seeing the big picture.
    I tend to focus on details and going one step at a time; he's the dreamer.
  2. Writing songs.
    I had to write one poem in college and I paid a friend $20 to do it. Not my thing. But he can sit down and write an incredible song in an evening and it amazes me.
  3. Dusting.
    He actually MOVES all the stuff and dusts UNDERNEATH it, y'all. Revolutionary.
  4. Squats.
    I'm a wimpy girl.
  5. Making omelettes.
    So fluffy.
  6. Convincing the dogs they really do have to go pee even though it's raining a little bit outside.
  7. Hand-eye coordination.
    I have none.
  8. Talking to kids.
    I'm all weird and talk to them like they're coworkers I just ran into on an elevator and he has them in fits of giggles.
  9. Social situations.
    This introvert is so thankful to have married a man who both understands her introverted needs and tendencies but can also help carry the conversation when I get all blank and weird.
  10. Cutting the grass.
    I have an irrational fear I'm going to cut my own toes off.
  11. @gerryadair ❤️❤️❤️