1. White Evangelicals elected Trump. Had they stood up for love and *actual* Christian values as defined by Jesus, I wouldn't have woken up this morning feeling like I'm going to vomit.
    As I suspect I will for some time.
  2. What if Christians had actually said - no. I'm not going to let my idolatry of the Republican Party be more important than taking a stand on behalf of the very ones in society that my Jesus said to love. Even if it means electing someone whose ideology I don't agree with, this is more important.
    Also, this orange man doesn't seem like a super moral or caring guy so maybe he's not who I want representing me.
  3. What if Christians stopped voting based on one issue that has already been legislated and decided?
    Way too radical thought probably: what if they accepted that programs to help low-income women keep their babies or provide healthcare/sex education are actually the best way to reduce the number of abortions? What if they spoke to women who found themselves in difficult situations with love and tried to help rather than condemn? (Sidenote: this is not actually why Christians vote Republican, but they'll say it is.)
  4. What if Christians said - we have more than enough. Instead of building a wall, let's build rooms onto our houses. Let's build a bigger table.
  5. Would the rest of the world take notice? Would they respect us a little more? Would they think - maybe there is something to this Jesus guy because his followers are standing up for loving their neighbor as themselves?
  6. Would I stop feeling like I have to explain that yes, I'm a Christian but no, I'm not judging you and I'm not better than you and I don't want to take away your rights to worship as you choose or love who you choose.
  7. Would I be able to look my Republican family in the eye and know they'd stood up for what we all believe in?
    Y'all, Thanksgiving this year 🙃🙃🙃 send help 🙃
  8. Would I stop feeling like a stranger among people that are supposed to be my brothers and sisters?