All of them. All of the times
  1. When he was classic Don Draper in a hat
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  2. The Kodak pitch
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  3. When he was like "meh what can ya do"
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  4. When he simply could not
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  5. When he mourned Anna and I died
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  6. When he told Peggy goodbye and my emotions
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  7. When they danced and it was perfect
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  8. When he finally won an Emmy for Don Draper because the world couldn't have dealt with me otherwise
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  9. When he helped all the ladies up the stairs one of the times Mad Men won Best Drama
    Can't find a pic, come on internet
  10. When he was the Solomon of wine
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  11. I'm dead
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  12. When he didn't have moves
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  13. When I didn't know who was going to play Rev Richard Wayne Gary Wayne and then this pic
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    Laughed/cried for hours
  14. Just
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  15. Can you even
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  16. No
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  17. Stop
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  18. When he helped support St. Jude kids obviously
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