Times Jon Hamm Was 💯

All of them. All of the times
  1. When he was classic Don Draper in a hat
  2. The Kodak pitch
  3. When he was like "meh what can ya do"
  4. When he simply could not
  5. When he mourned Anna and I died
  6. When he told Peggy goodbye and my emotions
  7. When they danced and it was perfect
  8. When he finally won an Emmy for Don Draper because the world couldn't have dealt with me otherwise
  9. When he helped all the ladies up the stairs one of the times Mad Men won Best Drama
    Can't find a pic, come on internet
  10. When he was the Solomon of wine
  11. I'm dead
  12. When he didn't have moves
  13. When I didn't know who was going to play Rev Richard Wayne Gary Wayne and then this pic
    Laughed/cried for hours
  14. Just
  15. Can you even
  16. No
  17. Stop
  18. When he helped support St. Jude kids obviously