Today's Reads

A Sunday with coffee and way more reading material than I can actually conquer is the best
  1. Don Quixote
    Working through this slowly, taking notes, loling
  2. Station Eleven - Emily St. John Mandel
    The bookstore guy highly recommended this, starting it today
  3. Sunday Times
  4. The Goldfinch - Donna Tartt
    Enjoying this but also working through it slowly
  5. How to Watch a Movie - David Thomson
    Bought this last night at Square Books in Oxford for my husband but then I stole it from him. (This is where Carl's tail starts appearing in pictures.)
  6. Hillary's Other Daughter (Vanity Fair)
  7. The Hidden Danger of TV's True Crime Obsession (Time)
  8. What Silicon Valley Thinks of Women (Newsweek)
  9. The New Yorker
  10. Anyone else using the Texture app? I'm enjoying it but trying to decide if it's worth the price.