Can you end a list title with a preposition? Also, goodness I've seen a lot of tv #noregrets
  1. Friends
    A zillion times
  2. The Office*
    *The Steve Carell years. And then a couple of seasons after that until I missed MIchael Scott too much and couldn't deal.
  3. Gilmore Girls
    First show I ever binged. Start it again every year in the fall.
  4. How I Met Your Mother
    Basically Friends but with 2000s humor and a devastating finale. At least Rachel got off the plane
  5. The West Wing
    It's ok to be a smart nerd
  6. Girls
    I can't get enough
  7. Friday Night Lights
    Coach Taylor is the greatest man ever besides my husband and my dad
  8. Game of Thrones
  9. Pretty Little Liars
    This took over my life for a few weeks
  10. Scandal
  11. Grey's Anatomy
    Except the one where McDreamy dies because I won't let you do that to me @shondarhimes
  12. The Good Wife
  13. Madam Secretary
  14. Dexter
    Speaking of devastating finales
  15. The Wonder Years
  16. The @mindy Project
    Literally the reason I pay for Hulu
  17. Downton Abbey
  18. Mad Men
    Best show of all time
  19. Private Practice
  20. Law & Order: SVU
  21. Greek
    Such an unexpectedly clever show for ABC Family
  22. Desperate Housewives
    This was my favorite part of Sunday evenings during high school
  23. Orange Is the New Black
  24. Fargo
  25. Breaking Bad
  26. Saved by the Bell