⚠️Warning Signs Rory Should Have Seen: the Dean Edition

  1. When he had hair curtains
  2. When he broke up with her because she didn't say "I love you" back immediately
    Like hey Dean, she's trying to tell you about her past and her damage and why this is hard for her so she needs like 20 seconds and you just break up with her instead. Cool
  3. When he got mad at her for trying to do some extracurricular activities to help get into Harvard
    "But I thought we would hang today!" whined Dean from beneath his hair curtains
  4. When he maybe had some anger issues
    And then he basically yells at people here and there for the rest of the series
  5. The jealousy!
    She didn't even like Tristan
  6. More jealousy
    Ok fair enough on this one
  7. When he yelled at her in front of the whole town
    I mean she wasn't being the best gf but public embarrassment wasn't the answer
  8. Adultery is a good red flag I think
  9. When he broke up with her a third time because her grandma made her wear a tiara
    As you do
  10. Bye Dean