What I Did in Boston

I was in Boston for work a couple of weeks ago for the first time. I stayed an extra day to do some things and had an amazing time!
  1. Visited Harvard/Harvard Square
    The first night I was there I stayed in a hotel close to our regional office which wasn't too far from Cambridge.
  2. Got coffee at this little storybook looking place.
    Then for some reason when I tried to leave the doors wouldn't open? And no one offered to help me? And there were so many smart Harvard students sitting in there, like for sure one of our future presidents witnessed me not being able to operate a door, and so I just acted like I'd changed my mind about leaving until finally someone came in from outside and I scurried out. This was fine for my social anxiety! It was fine.
  3. Harvard was cool though.
    Especially on a nice fall night.
  4. Then I took myself to dinner and had some lobster risotto. Yummm
  5. The next day after work I headed out to my AirBNB in the North End and walked around the neighborhood a bit, saw the Old North Church, etc.
    I loved how walkable all of Boston was!
  6. Went to dinner at Giacomo's in the North End. Didn't take a picture because it didn't feel like a cell phone kind of place. The butternut squash ravioli was 😋💯👌🏼.
    Another work traveler was there eating solo and we ended up crammed into a corner at the bar. Normally a situation like this would freak me out because I'm awful at small talk, but it was actually great to just chat with someone while we drank wine and watched some Italian guys cook amazing food.
  7. Was a little worn out afterwards so I headed back to the AirBNB to Netflix and chill with a cannoli.
  8. The next morning I took the train to Boston Common and drank my coffee.
  9. Made a squirrel friend.
    Boston squirrels dgaf
  10. Walked around Beacon Hill a bit, had breakfast at the Paramount Cafe.
    (Apple juice, not breakfast beer.)
  11. Saw some people doing gourds right.
  12. Tourists gotta tourist
    Didn't go in because I know it doesn't look the same and I didn't want to shatter my illusion that Sam and Norm were just inside.
  13. Walked through the Public Gardens
    Aka possibly heaven
  14. Went on a Freedom Trail walking tour!
    I am a sucker for a guided tour, especially when given by a man in a funny hat.
  15. Had lunch at the Bell in Hand Tavern (oldest tavern in US, supposedly). Sam Adams and clam chowder before heading to the airport.
    Sam Adams really does taste better in Boston.
  16. Takeaways:
    I loved Boston! Really enjoyed the city feel but laidback atmosphere. Also I realized I should eat in restaurants alone more often.