1. Writer (5-7)
    I wrote some hard-hitting short stories around age 5...just ask my grandma
  2. Country music superstar (8-10)
    I was going to be LeAnn Rimes.
  3. An elementary school teacher (10-14)
    Because it bothered me in elementary school that they had all the answers in the back of the teacher's edition book
  4. A history teacher (14-16, maybe now)
    In my class we wouldn't use textbooks. We'd watch movies and read fiction set in the time period to get drawn into the stories then discuss how real events affected what happened in the stories. This is still a great idea.
  5. Flautist that would play in the orchestra for Broadway shows in NYC (16-17)
    Because I saw Phantom of the Opera in high school. I would still do this, if anyone has the hookup?
  6. A lawyer (18-20)
    To wear business suits with skirts and do research in leatherbound books and sit in a mahogany-paneled office
  7. Something in business? (21ish)
    I still didn't have a major but had taken most of the prereqs for a BBA
  8. Something in technology that's not a developer (22-)
    This one stuck.