Why I'm Pretty Sure I Invented Friendsgiving

No really though
  1. 2008, my junior year of college
  2. Lived with 3 amazing girls in a 4 bedroom apartment
  3. First time I'd had my own kitchen. Had discovered that year that I love to cook
  4. Thought it would be fun to cook with one of my roommates before we all left for Thanksgiving break
  5. Got my grandma to teach me how to cook her amazing dressing recipe over the phone
    My southern grandma is an incredible cook. There are no measurements in this recipe, just her saying "now the cornbread should look kinda soupy" and "add a lot of sage now, you really should use more sage than you think"
  6. Kelli and I had the best Sunday cooking up a ton of food in our little apartment kitchen
  7. All the roommates enjoyed a meal together and felt very fancy
  8. 2009, senior year
  9. Still lived with one of the roommates (Brooke) and we thought it would be fun to do this again, invited some more friends over
  10. We both moved back home after college, have done this every year since
  11. Now our husbands come with us
  12. And her adorable children
  13. And my 3 dogs
  14. And more friends
  15. And it's my favorite day of the whole year
  16. And we watch as many Friends Thanksgiving episodes as we can before the turkey coma sets in
  17. And now all of a sudden EVERYONE is doing Friendsgivings
  18. And Brooke and I feel pretty hipster about it
    This is Brooke at a hipster party we had. She's amazing ➡️
  19. But it's ok because this year is our 8th annual dinner
  20. And these are the people I love