1. One professional league that drafts exclusively within state borders
    Players must be born in state to play on state team. Mascot is also uniform, like everyone's is their state tree.
  2. Option to listen to audio of players
    Everyone is mic'd. Some editing, no censor. Would work best for smaller teams like in basketball. Maybe you can choose to listen only to one team, observe their inner workings and the way they communicate
  3. Halftime shows are always televised and are a really big deal
    Should showcase amazing dancers and performers
  4. A game where there are no breaks, it lasts for 30 min and is over. Penalties incurred over the course of the game happen in a 5 min span afterwards.
  5. Also everyone should line up and shake hands at the end, like in high school
    It would be cute, offer opportunities for weird interactions between players
  6. For the NBA: Each team that doesn't make the playoffs attends the game of their division leader, in uniform, in the front row. Every team that loses in the playoffs must attend the games of the team that beat them. By the finals, every active NBA player will be in attendance, in uniform, occupying the best seats in the house.
    -my friend Dave O'Brien