My dad is a vet. We have had a lot of pets over the years.
  1. Daniel
    Daniel was my parents' first cat. They lived in Columbus with him while my dad was in Vet school, and then the 3 of them got in a van and moved to Youngstown together. He loved me and my brother. I would describe him as a super gentle, scholarly and sentient creature. He wasn't declawed but he would play with us on the floor and paw our heads for fun. When he died, I saw my dad cry for the first time.
  2. Ginger
    Ginger was a maniac. She was a copper-colored cocker spaniel/maybe beagle mix? She came to us when she was 7 years old and was very stuck in her ways. We had to keep her on a leash mostly bc she would take off running pretty much any chance she got. It made me feel like she didn't like living with us. Sometimes I would tie her to the front of my tricycle and we would cruise, though.
  3. David
    David looked a lot like Daniel. Black cat with white cheeks, belly and paws. David was moody. He liked to go to the office with Dad rather than stay home with us. I'm just realizing my parents gave these cats straight up Biblical names.
  4. Summer
    Summer! I loved Summer. She was a greyhound that we rescued from the tracks. A huge softy, just a big ol boney deer thing with a hilarious smile. When we let her out, her racing instincts would kick in and she would just take off full blast, running laps around the house. We had to watch her around small animals like squirrels and rabbits bc she was trained to chase them.
  5. Dylan
    Golden retriever puppy that we fostered for less than a year. Named after *Jakob* Dylan.
  6. Salt
    The only cat that ever got me. He loved people more than anything, and he would sit very close to you if not directly on you at every possible moment. If you were doing dishes in the kitchen, he would sit on your feet. Super social, loving animal. Had him from kittenhood. Passed away just last year, RIP Salt! He had a long, dope life.
  7. Pepper
    Salt's sister. Morbidly obese but extremely beautiful. Very occasionally wanted affection and it was satisfying when she did.