Over several months I read this tome to end all tomes and made a list of my favorite names. If I were alive in the Robert Moses days (roughly 1900-1960s), this might double as a hit list.
  1. Ellwood Rabenold
  2. Grover Whalen
  3. Fiorello La Guardia
    A classic
  4. Ogden Livingston Mills
    Oil baron or something
  5. Claus Spreckels
    Claus Spreckels!!! Long Island estate guy.
  6. Bronson Winthrop
    Another Long Island guy whose estate was in the way of RM planned Northern State Parkway
  7. Seabury C. Mastick
  8. Iphigene Sulzberger
    Times editor
  9. Bella Moses
    Perfect name for a matriarch
  10. Gordon Bunshaft
    Might be my #1 fave
  11. Orvil Dryfoos
    Related to Iphigene Sulzberger