A chronology of emotion
  1. Joy
    Look at this man, he loves playing basketball, and he's so good at it
  2. Pride
    He's from where I'm from. I'm cool and it's not lame that I'm not from a big city. I'm basically an all star nba player with a bunch of rings 📢🏆💍🏆💍🏆
  3. Sadness
    Think about how neglected and underserved places like Cleveland and Akron are; think of my parents and friends who still live there
  4. Defeat
    Probably not gonna be able to do anything to help legacy cities bc racism (even though my education & career have been focused solely on this)
  5. Nihilism
  6. Irritation
    He seems lethargic. Bron are you bored? Are you a bored millionaire with a ridiculous, fun job?
  7. Anger
    Remember when you held a live, televised conference to announce that you were doing what everyone already knew you were doing, but your initiation of an unprecedented, ceremonious announcement made it seem like maybe you weren't????
  8. Prejudice
    Fuck Miami, fuck Florida that prison state. Fuck the fact that happiness/peace/luxury, and the absolute height of one's temporal imagination when you're from Ohio is GOING TO FLORIDA
  9. Shame
    I can't say shit bc I left Ohio too.
  10. Poetic
    In Lebron's face I see the passing of time. I see someone I used to know and love. I see the years that have gone by. I remember the burden of youth and my soft, sweet soul. I feel the things and let them pass.