Tips for everyone's favorite public transit game
  1. If you're a man, stick with the same sex
    The unwanted male gaze is aggressive and alarming for women. You don't want this vibe anyways. Stick with dudes.
  2. Practice nonjudgment
    Though it can be fun to imagine people as side characters in your own life (fuck, marry, kill), often those thoughts come through on your face. No need to spread around negativity like that. Don't make up pity stories for anyone either. Project nothing. Make it meditative.
  3. Wear a loose, kind-eyed, slightly unfocused look
    Again, nonjudgmental and meditative. I'm looking at you because you have a face and that's interesting and also insane.
  4. Have a backup move
    Sometimes if I get caught, I give a big, goofy smile. Works for me, but I am also a young-looking woman and pose little threat. Maybe do a hard blink like you're really tired, rub your eyes a bit. It's okay if it's an obvious move bc it's meant to be understood as a little bit of an apology.
  5. Try holding a gaze
    Did you read that NYT article about generating intimacy through extended eye contact? If someone looks at you while you're looking at them, try keeping your eyes locked for a few moments. Freaky and cool.