This one is very self indulgent
  1. In my apt on 1st ave, at a party on the eve of April Fool's when someone told me my friend Adam had fallen off the roof
  2. Corner of Franklin and w bway, right before the Shinola store launch party where I did not stay for more than 5 minutes
    😭😭😭 @katebrien
  3. On the uptown F or V train every day for most of 2009
    😭😭😭 RIP V train
  4. On Columbia U campus, upon finishing my last exam of grad school (rare happy cry!)
  5. In my room during a thunderstorm, after a breakup over the phone. Subletter from Palestine cries in the living room bc she fears for her family's safety during crisis.
    😭😭😭 Very dramatic
  6. In my boyfriend's shower bc I was so tired and hungry and dinner wasn't ready and I thought it would be
  7. Outside of yoga studio in Williamsburg bc I just missed class, was very stressed and "needed it," had meticulously planned my whole day around going
  8. McCarren park
    😭😭😭 Sobbing while walking. The image of my best friend running towards me in her nightgown still brings me to tears, but for better reasons.
  9. Sara Delano Roosevelt park on Chrystie
  10. Weird little triangle park in TriBeCa by soho pharmacy
  11. West side highway, downtown near the Jane