1. Breath
    There's not enough time to sit and breathe and reorganize your thoughts every minute and every second of the day. It's not impossible to do that either so this winter break I'm going to sit myself down and focus my mind entirely on the rising and falling of my abdomen to concentrate my thoughts and reach deeply into my mind and let it run its course while acknowledging what's happening at this moment.
  2. Swim
    And feel the waves and splashes between my fingertips.
  3. Buy new boots
    An additional footwear necessity for the closet means a wider selection of mismatching outfits
  4. Christmas Day
    I can't wait to wait up to a foggy morning and walk the streets of Burlingame knowing what's on everyone's mind. I'm excited to see family and speak to them again.
  5. Choose classes
    Who knows what this new semester will bring. Fingers crossed. Everyone takes his/her/their own path.
  6. Plan out the next 3 months
    It's always fun to dream and make dreams come true.
  7. See Alex
    Talk about wedding plans, remember what it feels like to be in high school, and to experience what it's like to talk to yourself. I feel grateful that we found each other and have remained in each other's lives.
  8. To realize
    Realize that life is how life is. Things are how things are. Situations don't change but your mindset does. Sadhu 😘