Because good god it's hot/humid/rainy outside. Get it together, NYC! ⛈
  1. Finished Sex and the City for the first time
    Now I know what people mean when they say I'm such a Charlotte (though c'mon, I'm also very Carrie. I wish I was Miranda though)
  2. Stranger Things
    Surprisingly good! Into it!
  3. Mr. Robot
    I started this last summer and gave up 2 episodes in, but a recent Rami Malek interview pulled me back in... I hated the voice overs but now I'm really drawn to his voice. Hmm.
  4. Catastrophe (a couple of episodes)
    I already devoured this back when it first came out but after reading Rob Delaney's book, I couldn't help myself. Still makes me laugh out loud (I watch a lot of TV that I love and find funny but I'm a smiley laugher — except for when I watch this.) So good!