In Iowa City, iowa
  1. Got to the high school auditorium.
  2. Registered as a democrat
  3. Sat down right in the center of the auditorium
  4. Which was a mistake, because we haven't even started yet and I HAVE TO PEE
  5. 45 minutes after the start time, the line has finally died down
  6. They are estimating that over 60% of our prescient is present
  7. The caucus is being called to order
  8. Now there are short speeches from a representative for each candidate
  9. I actually thought the undecided representative was the most well spoken
  10. Now we are waiting waiting waiting for the cards that we turn in to be counted
  11. After that, the undecided and likely the O'Malleu supporters will be not viable and will have to move to the Clinton or Sanders campaigns