1. Maui
    Started 2015 on a trip with my parents in Hawaii. It was perfect. We went whale watching, snorkeling, (where we jumped into a pod of 50 dolphins and swam next to them) and also just laid around. One of the best trips of my life
  2. Asheville
    For our third annual mountain weekend, we hiked mount Mitchell, the highest peak east of the Mississippi, or as Grant commented, the 128th highest peak in the US
  3. Bettendorf, Iowa
    My hometown for our wedding shower!
  4. Chapel Hill
    We celebrated my best friends engagement!
  5. Back to Bettendorf!
    For our wedding!
  6. Savannah
    For our mini-moon! We wanted to take a big trip to Europe for our honeymoon, but didn't want that kind of stress right after our wedding. This was perfect. We took barely any pictures except for selfies like this.
  7. Charlotte
    We went twice this summer to visit Grant's friends and included a trip to the National Whitewater Center for my enjoyment
  8. Wilmington
    Beach weekend for the Fourth of July!
  9. Croatian honeymoon!
    Dubrovnik, Split, and Plitvice Lakes. Not a relaxing, stress- free honeymoon, but a see if you can navigate the bus system, jump off cliffs, hike mountains honeymoon.
  10. All over Iowa...
    Grant moved to Iowa with me because he is the best. As a reward for that love, my parents have given us tickets to football games for Iowa, Iowa State, UNI, and Iowa basketball tickets. So far Grant is accepting this bait and thinks it's a cool place.
  11. Philadelphia
    Grant went to visit his sister in NYC for the weekend, so I decided I needed a trip too and visited friends in Philly
  12. Elon, NC
    For thanksgiving with Grant's family