I have my masters in marriage counseling, so I am fully aware that I am in the honeymoon stage, but I will enjoy it while it lasts.
  1. Living together
    Not everyone waits for marriage to do this, but it definitely adds an element of "this is real" that marriage after already living together doesn't have
  2. Being done forever planning a wedding
    I did not enjoy planning a wedding. And I hate Pinterest for putting the expectation of perfection on one day.
  3. Having had an awesome wedding that people still talk about 6 months later
    Even though the day wasn't perfect, it was perfect to us, and it was also a huge party that our friends are still talking about. Which is awesome.
  4. Moving somewhere new together
    Because this requires a lot of communication about feelings and hopes and dreams and creates something that is uniquely yours as a couple
  5. Having things be "ours"
    We have the same return address labels, home decor, and we can share a toothbrush sometimes now without judgement.
  6. Being surprised that we still love each other this much
    We've been together for almost 5 years, why am I still so obsessed with you @grant_deroo ?