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  1. It's 4AM. I am so tired.
  2. It's time for me to go home, now.
  3. But my ride isn't ready to leave.
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We spent New Year's Eve in Napa (because why not?) and this occurred.
  1. *knock at the hotel door*
  2. Dad: Hi
  3. Lady: Turn down?
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Now that everyone in my is older, conversations get weird
  1. We were talking about how sweets were a weakness for my family
    Many of my family members are diabetic or borderline diabetic
  2. Uncle: I have no weaknesses
  3. Aunt (and his wife): yeah right, all men have weaknesses
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My dreams are always vivid and make little sense.
  1. My neighbor and I are undercover spies tasked to protect my ex-roommate. It's also her birthday. We go out to breakfast to celebrate. I know her would be murderer based on how she puts eggs on my plate.
    This is almost certainly a direct result of watching The Americans right before bed.
  2. I'm at a creepy cabin-resort-thing. It feels like a wrong move will lead me to my doom. I go to my room and watch Jane The Virgin without my family, and the whole place catches on fire. I know instantly that it's because I didn't wait for my family.
  3. I'm at a friends party, and no matter how hard I try, I can't leave. Something distracts me every time. Then some dude won't leave me alone so when the dinosaurs show up and eat him, I'm relieved. When it turns out the dinosaurs brought disease and half of the party goers are quarantined, I get worried and wake up.
    My personal favorite from this week.
  4. I'm being chased? No. I'm chasing someone? Not sure. But I'm running really fast trying to get somewhere and all this dream running is waking me up every few minutes only to fall asleep again and dream the same dream.
I may be her first grandchild, but somehow she's forgotten me.
  1. She calls just to talk to my sister.
    Granted, my sister calls her at least once a week, which is more than I do, but still...
  2. When walking into her house: Me-"hi grandma" Grandma-"hi, honey" Sister-"hi, grandma" Grandma, very excitedly-"hi, my darling, I missed you so much. I'm so glad I get to see you. How are you?"
    Cool, just pretend like I'm not also here, thanks.
  3. When trying to get ahold of my family, she calls everyone except me.
    If we are on our way to her house, and she was r's to talk to us, she calls my dad first, then my sister, then my mom. Then she'll call my uncle to see if he has heard from us. Does she call my phone which is always connected to the blue tooth because we take my car for road trips so I will never miss the call? No, of course not, that would be absurd.
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OR: movies I've probably seen too many times
  1. She's The Man
    Always. If you're not sure what movie I'm referencing, it's probably this one.
  2. John Tucker Must Die
  3. A Cinderella Story
    My sister and I quote this a lot. I can probably recite the whole movie by heart.
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