A list of my boyfriends, ranked best to worst. I left off short relationships, flings and one night stands.
  1. The One (current)
    Father of my daughter. Stunningly handsome. Wonderful dad. Strong protector. Incredibly kind. I could not picture myself with anyone else. I plan on spending the rest of my life loving him.
  2. The Skater (2000-2001)
    Great HS boyfriend. Honest, sweet, loving. I was too young to realize what a catch he was. Ended up breaking his heart when we went off to college. Grew up to be an architect. I totally should have been nicer to this one.
  3. The Musician (2002-2004)
    Probably the most fun and happy I had ever been in a relationship. Hilarious guy with loads of talent. I got to go on tour and travel. I ended things when his 2 years of sobriety lost out to a massive cocaine addiction. He's still a musician, my best friend, and my daughter's "uncle".
  4. The Photographer (2006-2008)
    Sweet and loving, but had a lot of personal issues. I was way too dominate in the relationship and ended up walking all over him. It got boring and I ended things. We still keep in touch here and there and he's doing really well.
  5. The Drum Tech (2012)
    We met during a show for work. It was long distance between Austin and LA. He was actually a really great boyfriend, but I just didn't see a future so I ended things. Plus he was way too into anal, and I was not. It was perfect timing as The One came into my life shortly after.
  6. The Vegan (2010- 2012)
    Long distance relationship between SF and LA was great. Living together in the same city was not. He was the kind of person who said the nastiest things to you when you were fighting just to hurt you as much as possible. I ended up breaking up with him for The Drum Tech. Too bad he wasn't a better person, he looked like a tattooed Ryan Goseling.
  7. The Jock (1997-2000)
    My first love, my first real relationship and my FIRST. Total high school cliche. Captain of the football team, prom king, homecoming king, he was all you think you want in HS. After 3 years I ended it because I knew he had limited potential for his future. It was a good call.
  8. The Pre-Med College Boy (2002)
    This was a boring one. I ended up cheating on him all the time but wouldn't break up with him because he didn't have another place to live in the summer. I stuck it out for a while but bailed as soon as was possible.
  9. The Cool Guy (on and off for 8 years)
    I think everyone has this kind of relationship at some point. The person that you constantly go back to. The person that you think is going to end up being the one great love, as if life is some sort of romantic comedy. Tried it so many times and in the end he was not the one. Untrustworthy, obsessed with what people thought about him, and a workaholic. I knew he would be a terrible father and husband. We remain friendly, but so happy I dodged that bullet.