There are those moments when I want to rip my hair out and take a one way trip to Bora Bora but these are the things that remind me why being a parent is so cool.
  1. Cartoons
    You get to show your kid all of your favorite cartoons from when you were a kid (such as Duck Tales) and get to watch some of the new ones without seeming like a weirdo
  2. Toddler Food
    Pizza bites, Dino nuggets, fruit cups, graham crackers and those animal cookies with the pink and white frosting... Yum!
  3. Everything old is new again
    The simple things we once loved and were special are now run of the mill for us, but not for our kids! Getting to experience trips to the movies, theme parks, new toys, it's all so amazing to them, and getting to experience that with them is truly special.
  4. Chuck E Cheese
    Darn that "you must have a kid to come here" rule. Thanks sweetheart for being my ticket back in!
  5. They find some chores fun
    My little one loves to throw things in the trash. So far my keys haven't made it in, so I'm still pretty stoked on this one.
  6. Excuses, excuses, excuses
    Blame it on the kid, no one will ever get mad. Why were you running late? The little one had a meltdown and we couldn't leave (okay for real though I was binge watching Arrow on Netflix and didn't feel like getting up).
  7. Cuddling
    I can't get my boyfriend or any of our pets to cuddle me, but the kid, she can't get enough, and I love her even more for it.
  8. Tiny everything
    Little people stuff is so cute. Tiny shoes, tiny leather jackets, toddler sized hats... I can't get enough of it. It's fun to get to buy them cool stuff you wouldn't have the balls to wear on your own, and they look so cute in it!
  9. Love and all the mushy junk
    They say you never know how much you can love someone till you have kids. It's true, I love her more than all of my friends and family combined. And when she puts her tiny arms around me and says "I love you Mom" it's pretty much the best moment ever. Yeah, all the other stuff is awesome, but the love is by far the best.