I'm broke, but still wanted to spread some holiday cheer. These are a few things I made for people this holiday season.
  1. Disney's Jessie Themed Aprons
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    I made a few of these for some of my favorite folks. They are functional and cute (at least I think so)
  2. Disney's Alice in Wonderland Themes Aprons
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    A special request by my bestie
  3. Disney's Queen of Hearts Themed Aprons
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    Because I saw those buttons and the trim at the fabric store and HAD TO make them.
  4. Disney's Minnie Mouse Themed Aprons
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    Because who is more adorably girly than Minnie.
  5. Disney's Monsters Inc Themed Apron
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    I only made one of these because sewing those round eyeballs was a b$@&h
  6. 126 Peanut Butter Cookies
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    For a cookie gift basket I am making for all of my co-workers
  7. 155 Oatmeal Butterscotch Cookies
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    For aforementioned cookie gifts
  8. 149 Chocolate Chip Cookies
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    Have I mentioned I only have 1 baking sheet and one rack in my oven? This is brutal.
  9. Disney's Belle Themed Apron
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    Made this one for my co-workers daughter. It was a special request. Kind of hard, because her dress is so monochromatic and I can't use tulle type materials to be used in the kitchen. So this was the best I can do.
  10. Only another 15 dozen cookies to go! I will be sure to update.