Here is a list of things that I really want for Christmas and as soon as I wrote it down for my boyfriend, I realized how lame it is. And he says I am hard to shop for!
  1. One of those garlic squishing tools
    You know, you put the peeled garlic in the little chamber than put the little presser thing down and out pops crushed garlic. Yeah I want that.
  2. Plain black Chuck Taylor's
    Just black and white, men's size 5. No bells or whistles or studs. Plain.
  3. A haircut from his sister
    When you have no $ and a family to support, you don't really splurge on these kinds of things. Fortunately his sister cuts hair, unfortunately she lives in NorCal so my hair gets cut once every 18 months or so.
  4. A clean house
    It doesn't have to be done by a maid, just by anyone other then me. I just want to come home to a clean house, just once.
  5. A video of our daughter
    He's a wizard and whips up these great videos of our baby girl set to some sappy song that makes me cry uncontrollably. I want a Christmas themed one.
  6. New socks
    I have like 5 pairs of socks. I swear my dryer eats them. But new socks would make me smile.
  7. Lush bath bomb
    Not really for me, more for my toddler, but I will request it on her behalf.
  8. A new baking sheet
    I have only 1 and it's pretty wrecked. I promised to make him cookies if he bought me this.
  9. A perfect holiday night
    Fireplace on, pizza delivered, fresh cocoa, tree lit, fresh baked cookies and the whole family snuggling in our PJs watching How The Grinch Stole Christmas (animated only)