These are some of my holiday traditions from my family (both growing up and my own family now). I LOVE The holidays and would love to hear what makes your holiday season special!
  1. The Christmas Tree
    Must be at least 6-7 ft tall, Noble Fir or Nordmann, none of those puny thin branches! We buy it the weekend after Thanksgiving though I know keeping it alive is not likely. Always colored lights, and a collection of ornaments from our lives, including "Baby's First Christmas" ornaments that were mine, my boyfriend's and our daughter's.
  2. The Wreath
    The wreath goes up every year right after Thanksgiving, and is a fresh wreath hand made by my amazing 89 year old grandfather with love and mad skills.
  3. Stockings
    In our house it is always about the stockings. My parents always put seriously awesome gifts (NES cartridges), my favorite make up, gift cards, lottery scratchers. It was like digging through a super cool treasure chest.
  4. Christmas Movies
    Starting 2 weeks out, we watch a Christmas movie each night. This MUST include Elf at least once (often more). We may have started this a bit early this year.
  5. Toys for Tots
    We always go to the store and pick out a few things to give to TFT. We are blessed and we hope to instill the passion for giving to our daughter, and it is never to early to start teaching that lesson.
  6. Candy Cane Lane
    Here in SoCal we have an area of the valley that gets together and decorates all of their houses. It's around 15 blocks of homes to cruise by. Everyone drives slow with kids hanging out the windows in wonder while they drink hot cocoa and blast holiday tunes from their cars. This yearly pilgrimage will continue for as long as I am still alive!
  7. Opening 1 Present Christmas Eve
    This tradition was mostly out of necessity as I tend to buy people presents and then cannot wait to give them to them. Every year I start my holiday shopping in October and come the big day, I have already given my honey like 80% of his gifts. He opens one each year on Christmas Eve because I can't wait another 12 hours to put a smile on his face.
  8. Persimmon Pudding
    I'm not sure what it is. It's like Persimmons got it on with gingerbread and then rolled around in some pumpkin spice, finally burying itself in sticky toffee pudding. My mom has made this since before I was born and better keep on making it if she wants to stay on Santa's (and my) nice list.
  9. Christmas Eve traditions
    We read the Nativity and sing songs and then we play Bingo! My mom wraps cheap gifts like pens, post-its, chocolates, etc., which we use as prizes. We play till everyone has a gift or until all the gifts run out. I also instituted the Bingo tradition on my first Christmas Eve with my in-laws. It's a favorite.
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