1. This is a safe and happy place
    This is more of a community than some giant social media outlet. It's cool to speak your mind and for the most part if others disagree they remain respectful.
  2. It's different than other apps, it's far more collaborative
    So many discussions, suggestions, some of the coolest lists I have read are almost totally comprised of suggestions. It's bringing together 1,000s of minds together to make the most robust list possible.
  3. Things are so much cooler when they are small and intimate
    It will be interesting to see how the app changes as it grows. Will the community be more localized like Yelp or will it be more like Twitter or Facebook?
  4. Engagement is key to retaining users
    It's easy to give up on this app. For the most part, posts require quite a bit of thought and effort. If people don't feel some sort of engagement or validation they will quit. So make sure to keep clicking profiles to find new people to follow! I almost gave up when I started.
  5. I am obsessed with lists
    I guess I never really thought about it. I do a daily To Do list, I do a chore list, I make packing lists, grocery lists, shopping lists, so many lists!
  6. I don't read nearly as much as the people on this app
    Did everyone find out about it from an author? I like to read, but I feel so behind the curve on this one.
  7. No trolls
    Perhaps it's too new, or maybe it takes too much effort to be involved but there don't appear to be many trolls plaguing this community.
  8. There are people still in this world who are intelligent, kind and thoughtful
    Honestly, I was losing hope.
  9. I really want to like people's old lists but I fear they will think I am creepy
    If I like your recent stuff I will scroll back and read the titles of your old lists. If I read one and love it, I won't comment or like it. I'm too scared the other person will find it creepy.