Here is my list as a regular patron of Disneyland with my 2.5 year old daughter. Hope someone finds this useful. Of course, everything depends on your own child but this is what works for us.
  1. Rent strollers
    Yes you likely already own a stroller, so why spend the money? Because lugging a stroller, snacks, a toddler and likely loads of souvenirs is a huge pain when getting on and off the shuttle from the parking lot or hotel. Do yourself a favor and spend the $15. Also, if someone accidentally takes your stroller or it gets lost or damaged, DL will replace it right away.
  2. Bring snacks
    If your toddler is picky like mine pack snacks. They have a wide range of options but you will kick yourself for spending $5 on $1 worth of grapes you had at home.
  3. Know your child's height
    This will save you a lot of time trying to figure out what they can go on. Basically there are things that are any height, 35 inches, 40 inches and 46 inches. You can find the height requirements for the rides online. I make a list of what she can go on and bring it with us.
  4. Use Fast Passes
    Most rides 35 inches and under don't have fast passes. But you can use them on Astro Blasters, Roger Rabbit Car Toon Spin and Haunted Mansion. Make sure to take advantage of this.
  5. Make dining reservations
    When it is busy it can be hard to get food quickly at a grab and go location and a reservation at a sit down restaurant is going to be next to impossible. Make a.reservation up to (60 days in advance) at one of the restaurants or in downtown Disney.
  6. Naps will save your day
    If you can get your kid to nap in the stroller it will improve your whole day. We bring 2 blankets, one to cuddle with and one to block the sun and sound. Works every time and keeps her from having meltdowns.
  7. Use the Photopass
    I know your iPhone takes good pictures but the professional photographers get some great shots. They sometimes capture moments you don't even realize are happening. Make sure you take advantage of their photo skills especially during the character meet and greets. Just don't wait till the very end of the day to view your pictures, the line is long and slow moving.
  8. Get the App!
    There are several apps you can download for free that give you access to maps, dining info, and most importantly wait times for rides. Use it!!! It's awesome and will help you a lot.
  9. Packing list: yes a list within a list
    Here is what you should consider packing, and do yourself a favor, use a backpack and not a diaper bag or shoulder bag: sunscreen, blankets, pacifier, iPad (keep them entertained in long lines and during meals), extra phone battery (you won't find many plugs to charge), diapers, wipes, changing pad, change of clothes for the kids, sweatshirts, hairbrush (keep them cute for those pictures), 1 stuffed animal (so you don't have to buy one there).
  10. Bring PJs
    If you live in the area or you have a drive back to your hotel, pack PJs. I change my daughter's diaper and put her in her PJs before we leave the park. That way, when we get home I can just put her straight to bed and don't have to wake her up.
  11. Parent switch
    If you didn't know, you can use parent switch for rides where your little one is too small to go with you. Wait in line together, then one parent rides and when they are done the other parent gets to ride using the fast pass line. You also get to take 2 other people with you so some of the group can go twice! Just ask a cast member for a parent switch pass.