These are people that I would like to punch. Enjoy!
  1. The person checking their phone during a movie.
    Are you that dependent that you need to check Facebook during this movie? Really? It's a good movie, you would know if you shut your damn phone off. Your phone light is distracting. You are annoying.
  2. The person that thinks rules don't apply to them.
    Sure turn from a non-turning lane because you don't want to sit in traffic. Yeah, use the express lane with 40 items because you don't want to wait. I forgot, the rules don't apply to you. You are special. Oh wait, you aren't. You are annoying.
  3. The flaker
    That person that always flakes on your plans. There is something that always comes up. There is always some reason you can't make it after weeks of having plans. You are also the person that constantly texts "I miss you, we need to get together". You suck, and you are annoying.
  4. The Debby Downer
    Do you really think that no one else has problems? Do you think we all wake up feeling beautiful and happy and have traffic free, drama free, bull crap free days. We don't. Your day sucks, so did mine. Get over it you baby, no one wants to hear you complain. You are annoying.
  5. The overly PC person
    Oh did I offend you? Good. You offend me with your intolerance of other people's opinions. Stop shoving your agenda down my throat. Everything is not an assault on human equality or women's rights. Sometimes it's just a song/joke/movie/article. Stop reading into things to feel self important. You are annoying.
  6. The DNB
    Thank you Ronda Rousey. You gave my least favorite type of person a title. The Do Nothing Bitch. Grow up, take care of yourself, aspire to be your own person. Have goals and passion. Don't expect anyone to take care of you. Don't be a DNB. To all the DNBs, you suck, and you are annoying.
  7. The people that don't watch their kids
    I'm at a restaurant with my kid. She is sitting down eating and maybe watching an iPad. Your kids are running around touching everything. They are loud, distracting, annoying and you don't do anything about it. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR KIDS. I don't think they are cute, or clever, or funny. They are annoying. You are annoying.
  8. People that bring their pets to restaurants
    Probably not going to make any friends with this one but I am sorry it's gross. Your dog just spent 10 minutes licking its genitals while I am trying to eat my Eggs Benedict. That's gross and now I don't want to eat. Your dog is annoying. You are annoying.
  9. The bad driver
    Don't know where you are going? Don't like to use your turn signals? Texting while driving? Blocking intersections because you have no concern for others on the road? I hate you and you are annoying.
  10. The person who needs a answer for everything
    A simple invite of can you go to the game with me becomes how did you get the tickets? Who else is going? Why did you pick this game? 🔫💣
    Suggested by @aus10
  11. The person who does not make eye contact
    I am trying to tell a funny/interesting story and you act as though the aging wallpaper is more captivating. Either tell me the story is boring or that you're not in the mood to hear it, or show that you are intrigued by briefly/occasionally looking at my face. It is that easy.
    Suggested by @ellasabo
  12. The person who won't take no for an answer
    Be it a sales associate in a store who won't let me browse lipsticks in PEACE or a guy at a bar who won't stop trying to join my conversation. S T O P.
    Suggested by @drugs