1. I get why the app icon for Li.st is a dot/period/circle.
  2. For many reasons I enjoyed the "L" a little more.
  3. However, the biggest problem is on my end.
  4. Of the two symbols, a period and a weird swirly circle, which would you assume is a menstruation tracker?
  5. Despite using (and loving) Clue for at least 2 years, whenever I want to detail the awful realities of my period, I open list app.
  6. Sure, I could move them to not be next to one another, but I've got a system and THIS IS WHERE THE APPS GO.
  7. So get ready for some very personal details about me one of these days, I guess.
  8. It has been nice to be comforted by great lists while I'm suffering through the dark days.