A man before his time.
  1. He used a fanciful, medical, name based pseudonym.
    Seuss was his mothers maiden name and he did not become a doctor until his alma mater awarded him with an honorary doctorate.
  2. He used his art in an attempt to further social change.
    Along with the many real life applications of his books, Yertle the Turtle was about Hitler.
  3. He often made up words that became a part of the popular vernacular.
    The first written instance of "nerd" appears in "If I Ran the Zoo," 1950.
  4. His work has inspired many feature films.
    The Cat in the Hat, Horton Hears a Who, etc.
  5. He had a feud with another popular contemporary.
    "Cat in the Hat" was created because he hated popular book "Dick and Jane."