Lemon is my dog. At times we will call her Lerm, Lem, Lemmy, Lermum, DogDog, doggy, Dummy (feeling very Dennis Duffy those days), and most recently she has figured out that generally the "she" my husband and I discuss is her.
  1. 1st picture I took of her on the way home from the shelter.
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  2. The first time she felt comfortable enough to sit with me. Also she looks like a straight up beanie baby.
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  3. Lerm has loved Ben since day 1. He had to work the first full day we had her, and when he got home she ran to try and tackle him.
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  4. Attempt to take a "family picture" turned into a sneak attack.
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  5. Idk, hanging with my BFF Ben.
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  6. Most interesting dog in the world.
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  7. She follows him everywhere.
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  8. Fun on a snow day.
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  9. Lemon makes the craziest sounds and faces when she gets bored. I cannot describe the velociraptor growls she makes trying to get you to play with her.
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  10. Part of a petsmart photo booth, she was so happy to see the squeaky toy the photographer held that she became Olaf.
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  11. Thank you, 2014 target dollar section, for the great vest.
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  12. Getting snacks by any means necessary.
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