1. Radiolab
    Difficult to describe, but it's about science and humanity and where they intersect. My favorite episode so far is 10.13 "Colors." This is great if you want to learn a few very specific stories about a lot of subjects. This was the first podcast to which I ever subscribed, so it holds a special place on my feed.
  2. Pop Culture Happy Hour
    The NPR music, movies, and books podcast. Even when I'm not particularly interested in the topics, the hosts interacting with the material and one another keeps me listening. Glen, who reviews books and comic books for the npr website, is sarcastic, curmudgeon-y, and delightful.
  3. The Nerdist
    Always interesting when you're a fan of the celebrity guests, but I am a big fan of the "hostful" episodes. It's been intriguing to listen to the changes in the hosts personal lives as they gain fame and success.
  4. 99% Invisible
    Ever wondered about the design process of flags or traffic signs? Maybe you'd like to know who invented the ouija board or those inflatable dancing men in front of car dealerships. Roman Mars has a great voice and you'll learn how the smallest details of our world come to be.
  5. Stuff You Missed in History Class
    I may only listen to podcasts to smugly inform people about obscure topics. If that is the case, this podcast belongs on the list. Fun/creepy/mundane facts about historical events which you thought you knew well. Episode 110, The Dyatlov Pass Incident, is especially intriguing. The production value isn't especially high, but once you're past that the discussions are great for a commute.
  6. How Did This Get Made?
    You'll notice a recurring theme of shows that feature Jason Mantzoukas. He, along with @PaulScheer and Jessica St. Clair, analyze the nuances of our most bizarre pieces of cinematic history. It's like mystery science theater with less robots and more sexual innuendo. Their recent love show covering the 7th Fast and Furious installment (which they loved) is a favorite.
  7. Science Friday
    An NPR weekly installment hosted by the delightful Ira Flatow. He interviews scientific experts in their fields about topics ranging from dangerous foods to eat at picnics to the impact of the Higgs Boson particle. This is a good choice if you enjoy science but you need it broken down to laymen terms and you have a short lunch break.
  8. The Gilmore Guys
    Hosts @kevintporter and @demi discuss each episode of The Gilmore Girls. Kevin is a longtime "gilly" and Demi is watching for the first time, so this mostly spoiler-free companion to the series can be listened to by any fan of the show. Special episodes of the podcast feature interviews with original cast/crew and listener questions during Gilmail Guys episodes. Lots of singing, special guest hosts (Mantzoukas is a huge gilly), and conversations about diversity in entertainment.
  9. Best of Friends
    3 hosts review episodes of Friends 2 at a time. If I'm being honest, I usually listen to this because I completely disagree with most of their opinions and it's fun to tell at your iPhone when you're stuck in traffic. During one episode a listener question led to them placing characters in Hogwarts houses. Rachel is undeniably not brave, and is NOT a gryffindor.
  10. Americas Test Kitchen Radio
    The radio version of PBS's wonderful tv show of the same name. You learn the science behind kitchen successes and failures and the results of both taste tests of grocery staples and appliance reviews. One of the only times that The Sims is like real life, you'll learn to cook by listening.
  11. Comedy Bang Bang
    Heynong man! Anything with Jason Mantzoukas is gold. Also take a listen to any of the Farts and Procreation (rip Harris Wittels).