...As Amy Poehler would say. I understand the appeal but I do not enjoy these personally.
  1. Bob's Burgers
    The stuff I see on tumblr is funny, but it just doesn't click for some reason.
  2. Girls (HBO show)
    I gave it an honest shot, but I can't purchase a ticket for the Lena Dunham train. I specify HBO because ladies in general are A+
  3. Taylor Swift
    Blank Space is very catchy. I really enjoy covers of her songs. But there's something I can't pinpoint on the whole package.
  4. Coffee
    Tastes like poison that sat outside too long. The only thing I need to start my day and feel like a human being is 9-14 hours of sleep. Unfortunately coffee is one of my husbands hobbies, so I'm constantly surrounded by old coffee smell 😷
  5. Running Marathons
    People tamed horses and invented cars for a reason. Tv or movie marathons are fine.
  6. Waking up early
    "There is no sunrise so beautiful that it is worth waking me up to see it." - @mindy I know exactly how long I need to get ready for the day (blow dry vs dry shampoo, makeup vs no makeup, glasses vs contacts...) and I use exactly that time. The rest is for sleeping.
  7. Uggs
    They look so warm and comfy, but at what cost?