If they were anything like my husband and me.
  1. Hey, you must be that companion I was told would be coming!
  2. How's that rib working out for you? I've always been more of wing or leg man myself! 😂
  3. Really though, I'm so glad to have you here. The cats were starting to act sort of rude and standoffish? Probably just a phase.
  4. What tree? Oh yeah, that weird glowing one, I was told not to touch it. Speaking of touching things, you've got to see this rock I found. The river made it totally smooth!
  5. Huh? Yeah, that tree over there, God said... Right! I meant to tell you, God said we had to multiply.
  6. Like, only when you feel ready. But those are the orders from the Big Guy.
  7. Hmm? No, I don't think there was anything super important he wanted me to pass on about old Eden. I'd definitely remember anything important.
  8. I wanted to show you this weird animal! It's like that evil thing that hangs out in the Tree we are forbidden- there it is! I think I'm calling it a lizard. You know it's the lizard because of the legs.
  9. No, the lizard doesn't like the tree. Really most of the animals avoid it, weird! Do you want to name some animals?
  10. Hey, this is my best friend Steve. He loves fetch and he's way happier on Mondays than the cats. I hope we get a lot more Steves.
  11. You think Adam and Eve and Adam and Steve will confuse people? Nah, seems fine to me. Dog is too close to God, THAT is confusing.
  12. Ok so this is where I, or I guess we, sleep..... Why would I make the bed when I'm getting back in it tonight?
  13. ((Some time later))
  14. Wait, you got it where?? Remember the first day you got here I said "do NOT touch that fruit or we will die??" I'm certain I told you. That was the first thing I mentioned.
  15. Hey, Eve? What was that weird fruit in the fridge? I've never seen it before. I finished it, we should get some more!
  16. God is supposed to be here any second, I guess we can explain your actions then... No Eve, I know I told you about this!
  17. Oh no, Eve, have we lost all of our clean laundry? WHERE ARE OUR CLOTHES??