1. People with other accents doing an American accent.
    I'm equally pleased when the accent is spot on and when it tanks.
  2. Freshly washed sheets and newly shaved legs.
    It's like sleeping on a silky cloud.
  3. Potatoes.
    I'll spare you the Bubba Gump list. However, if you want your world changed, make the America's Test Kitchen braised new potatoes. They are crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside. We call them "the yummy potatoes" in our family. Additionally, The Pioneer Woman recipe for mashed potatoes are "THE potatoes." I'll probably dedicate a list to potato recipes.
  4. Realizing it is Saturday when you wake up and you don't have to rush anywhere.
    Though my days of sleeping until noon are no more (dogs don't understand weekends), realizing you have nowhere to be is the best.
  5. Recommending a movie/book/tv show that someone really enjoys.
    Tina Fey said you can tell a lot about a person by what they find funny. Actually, I read that online so anyone could've said it originally. Regardless, I think that's true.
  6. Making my husband laugh really hard.
    Since I've known my husband for roughly 20 years (I am 26), it often feels like I cannot surprise him. Luckily this isn't true. He's got one of those satisfying throw your head back and scare everyone in the general area laughs.
  7. My dog sleeping on my feet during cold nights.
    Not only does it keep my inhumanly cold feet warm, but she sits her head on my leg and it's cute.
  8. Veggie wrap day in the cafeteria at work.
    It's tough to eat vegetarian in a college cafeteria. This wrap has avocado, edamame, red (not green!) bell peppers, lots of other veggies, and even the holy grail - feta cheese. It's also very unpopular so they let me take 2.
  9. The first comfortable silence of a new friendship.
    I am awful at small talk, but until we are really friends I need to fake it.
  10. Giving a sincere compliment.
    People can tell when you mean it, and seeing the tiny flash of joy on their face is wonderful.