THAT'S SO 2010'S

90s pop culture is so overwhelmingly 90s. What will be the hallmarks of the 2010s? (Full disclosure I really enjoy most of the things I listed, but I imagine my future children will not).
  1. Smoky eyes.
    Possibly timeless, but if Pinterest tells me anything there are no other options for glamorous makeup.
  2. Ombré hair.
    Why have 1 hair color when you can have 2? This might be the 2010s version of the 2000s very blonde on top with black on the bottom.
  3. Distressed barn wood.
    Why did everyone want their homes to look like they found everything in the trash? 2010s version of super 90s Art Deco rooms.
  4. Subway tiles.
    There are other tiles to use that compliment your garbage wood, people of 2010s. Almost as cool as solid white or pastel Formica cabinet sets.
  5. Mason jars.
    ...why didn't they use regular cups, bowls, vases, chandeliers...
  6. iPhones
    LOL why would anyone need to hold a phone??
  7. Cars we drive ourselves
    Cave people.