1. Books
    Even when I don't like them. I will shut a movie down if I'm not into it, though (more accurately, fall asleep)
  2. My husbands incomplete thoughts
    Especially if we are telling a story together. When we are alone he will often pick up a thought after 20 minutes as if no time has passed. Gotta focus up in public!!
  3. Desserts
    Despite being full and always when it's a free Mexican restaurant sopaipillas. Ben will usually accept the sopiapilla when offered even though he doesn't like desserts much because he knows I'll eat it eventually.
  4. One and a half household chores
    I can't really be expected to do ALL of the dishes if I've also cooked myself food, right guys? Same thing for washing/folding/putting away more than 1 load of laundry. The last load will end up spending a day or two at best in a laundry basket, more likely still in the washer.
  5. Arguments
    Usually hours/days later and in the shower alone and in my own head. But I'll also complete imaginary arguments beforehand.
  6. Erasing
    Specifically on white boards or chalkboards and the offending mark is tiny. No man left behind. If you leave a trace behind during a presentation you have probably lost my attention.
  7. Formatting documents
    Midway through their completion and quickly if they contain comic sans or papyrus. What if I died mid-Word document and all I left behind was a jumble of fonts and spacing?? And why do middle aged women in my state love papyrus??
  8. 1 out of every 10 lists I begin
    My next contenders are about weird questions I ask Ben, whether oklahoma is southern or Midwestern, words I can never successfully spell, and something very timely making fun of twilight. I might finish 2 of those and the other 20 lists will stay in my drafts folder.
  9. List requests
    That was fun!