So far we are on season 2, which only leaves 7 season and 2 full length movies to watch before the new episodes 😬
  1. Some background information first...
  2. I was 4 when this show started airing in 1993.
    My family was living in England (with the US Air Force) at that time.
  3. The opening credits scared the bejesus out of me well into syndication, so I never tried to watch it.
  4. Years of criminal minds, law and order, and ghost hunters gave me enough gumption to dive in.
  5. Now, a log of my thoughts....
  6. Why did this title sequence scare me?
    It looks like something a paranoid 3rd grader with limited access to Windows 95 PowerPoint put together.
  7. Cars in the '90s were hideous.
    My husband still drives a car from the 90s, but for some reason I'd blocked out that they all looked like this.
  8. Women's hair and makeup has changed a lot. They were very into the Oprah Soft Focus™ look.
    Very feathery with lots of soft edges and colors.
  9. Good cell phones would solve a LOT of these problems.
    This is true of most tv shows of the era (even Friends/Seinfeld). We can catch anything on video now. I'd watch a vine of an alien abduction, but the remix would be passé. Also, the cell phones used so far are hilarious. I remember my mom having one of those
  10. Sully just referenced long distance charges and a "cellular device" being "out of area". Lol.
  11. Mulder and Scully are surprised way more often than they probably should be.
    They also fall into obvious traps. Scully doesn't seem like a good doctor so far??
  12. I can't handle them describing the Internet.
  13. Gillian Anderson got pregnant or something IRL, right? That's why she's gone?
    Wikipedia confirms.
  14. I bet when the technology improves, and Vince Gilligan becomes a more frequent writer, this will be legitimately creepy.