Screen shots taken from my phone which still lists them as "favorites."
  1. My first favorite. The first picture I saw from my wedding!
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  2. Here's the picture for anyone who is curious.
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  3. Awkward
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    @kaileedavis on Twitter. Follow her for a good time.
  4. Relatable
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    @gentlemarisa on Twitter. Writer for Oklahoma City blog The Lost Ogle and generally hilarious.
  5. Wordplay!
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    I think everyone follows him already. As they should.
  6. Even as a (mostly) vegetarian, this is still true for me.
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  7. National treasure Glenn Weldon and the goose his mom decorates for every holiday/season.
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    My mom had a snowman on our front door she did the same thing with. Flowers in the spring, sunglasses in the summer, etc. I think she accidentally permanently affixed it to the door and improvised.
  8. For reference, full body of the goose.
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  9. And here he is again, not sure of the season or event?
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    "The goose my mom dresses in seasonally appropriate outfits (it's not weird) invited you to try he organic heirloom tomatoes."
  10. @danhopp on Twitter. I'm always a fan of dog humor.
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  11. Greatest romance of our time.
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  12. BJ Novak speaks what we all feel.
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    I always imagine people weighing babies in metric. It would 100% sound like a shipment of cocaine came in.
  13. Claymation is weird.
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    Another gem from @ghweldon on Twitter. Follow him right now.