Still waiting for Until then, I'll keep goldilocks-ing my way across the Internet.
  1. Too verbose for Twitter.
    Rarely is my character count less than 136.
  2. Too few children and too many vaccinations for Facebook.
    I've seen some lovely, funny, insightful lists and comments here. As of yet, nobody has told me to RESEARCH! or WAKE UP!
  3. Too many pictures of my dog for Instagram.
    Who could blame me? Sometimes I use VSCO filters, does that make it ok?? I unabashedly made a dog picture list, got no hate.
  4. Too narcissistic for snapchat.
    My genius needs to last longer than 10 seconds!!
  5. Too few fandoms for Tumblr.
    I can only be totally devoted to so many things! I can, however, flippantly love a lot of things and totally love a few. Enter @list
  6. Too happily married for tinder.
    Also not interested in unsolicited pictures of your dangler. However, i'd love to see a list of your tinder nightmares and successes!
  7. Too annoyed by spam emails for Linkden.
    No, I don't want to connect with you. Is love to see a list about your new job or old job or interview or...
  8. Too much free time and mental energy spent on list app to pretend otherwise.