Inquiries posed to my husband during our drive over the mountains from Portland to Bend, OR for Thanksgiving 2015.
  1. Did you hear that it snowed in the mountain pass yesterday?
  2. How good are Hondas in the snow?
  3. Do you think we should get chains for our tires?
  4. Should we even go?
  5. Do you know how to drive in the snow?
  6. Do you know how to drive on ice?
  7. Do you know how to drive on snowy icy mountain roads?
  8. What? I'm not scared, are you scared?
  9. If we slide off a cliff, how many bottles of water do you think we'll need to survive until the rescue crews find us?
  10. Why are you getting mad at me?
  11. Hey, what flavor of granola bars do you like?
  12. If the box has 12 bars, we could ration that for 20 days at the base of the cliff, right?
  13. Why are you driving so fast?
  14. Which color do you think is more eye-catching in the dark? Red or green?
  15. Am I Googling emergency flares? Why would you think that?
  16. But seriously, red or green?
  17. Why would you want me to drive? Do you have a death wish?
  18. Hey, what's your favorite Thanksgiving food?
  19. Why are you so close to the guy in front of us?
  20. Oh my god, are you trying to kill us?
  21. How fast do you think that guy was going when he passed us?
  22. 25?
  23. What is wrong with people?
  24. Hey, are you going to eat that last Twizzlers?
  25. Why are you pulling over?
  26. Is it to put the chains on the tires?
  27. You seriously want me to get out?
  28. Well okay, when are you coming back?
  29. Hello?
  30. Babe?
  31. I guess I'll just wait here then?